Sharon Otieno Murder Trial: Witness Testifies How Journalist Sought Refuge in his House

July 18, 2023

The trial of former Migori Governor Okoth Obado, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo, and Caspal Obiero, who have been accused of the murder of Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby, proceeded Monday, July 17.

One of the witnesses recounted the incident where a journalist who was with Sharon escaped from their alleged kidnappers and sought refuge in the witness’s house.

Kennedy Onyango Kasera, a taxi driver, stated that on September 3, 2018, at 20:30 hours, while he was with his family, an unknown individual entered his home.

“I heard somebody screaming…asked my son to open the door and we saw someone entering my house and he went straight to my bedroom…he was breathing fast…my son was afraid,” he testified before High Court judge Cecelia Githua.

Kasera mentioned that the man informed him that he was a journalist and had been abducted along with another woman.

“I asked him who he was and he identified himself as Barrack, and that he’s a media practitioner and said that he was kidnapped together with another lady and he managed to escape. He however did not tell me the persons who allegedly kidnapped him,” the witness said.

According to Kasera’s account, the journalist said the woman had been impregnated by a governor, and they had arranged to meet with the governor’s personal assistant.

The hearing continues.

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