Ruto To Raila: Embrace Political Competition Without Violence and Hooliganism

July 20, 2023

President William Ruto on Wednesday maintained his stance that opposition leader Raila Odinga’s protests were an endeavor to revisit the August 2022 election.

While affirming his administration’s commitment to safeguarding and upholding the democratic progress achieved through the 2010 constitution, President Ruto said the government would not tolerate demonstrations aimed at causing damage to property and disrupting businesses.

Speaking in Kericho, Ruto said Raila should acknowledge that the presidential election was determined by the people’s votes through the ballot box, and any attempts at demonstrations and property destruction would not alter the election outcome.

“We must embrace political competition without violence, chaos, hooliganism and destruction of property,” Ruto said.

The President also stressed that it is the responsibility of all Kenyans to uphold the principles of democracy while refraining from engaging in activities that lead to the destruction of property.

“We have no spare parts for this country and as such we must protect it by all means. The police have a duty to protect the people and their property. They should not allow the destruction of property as was witnessed earlier (in the Azimio demonstrations),” said President Ruto.

The Head of State said all security agencies have been mobilized to safeguard the citizens and ensure the restoration of normal business operations throughout the country.

Ruto also assured that his government would prioritize creating a favorable environment for investors and strive to generate employment opportunities for the youth.

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