Jeremiah Kioni Discloses How He Eluded Police Capture for 3 Days

July 25, 2023

Jeremiah Kioni says he resorted to tactics such as turning off his phone, among others, to avoid the police crackdown on opposition politicians during the three-day antigovernment protests.

Speaking in a radio interview Monday, the embattled Jubilee Party Secretary-General said he deliberately switched off his phone to prevent the police from tracing his location following reports that authorities used the same method to track down other opposition figures.

“I have not used these phones from Wednesday to Sunday to avoid being the police who are tracing and chasing people around,” he said on Spice FM.

Kioni also revealed that he resorted to traveling to Ndaragua incognito as an additional measure to evade the arrests aimed at leaders perceived to be supporting the protests.

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In Ndaragua, Kioni went to the Laikipia residence of former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga shortly after his (Njenga’s) arrest in a nighttime police raid.

“I went to look for Maina Njenga in Laikipia but he was not there. The people were so scared, the sound of a vehicle could send them running for their lives,” Kiona recounted.

Despite the police’s intentions to intensify the anti-Ruto protests this week, Kioni has asserted that he is not afraid of them.

“I have seen a white Subaru parked outside when I came in. I asked the security guard who it belongs to and he told me it was maybe a visitor at the building. You can never know if it belongs to you or if the owners have other motives,” said the former Ndaragwa MP.

Kioni declared that the Opposition’s pursuit of change in the country will not be hindered by the police’s witch-hunting tactics.

“You know as a society we have a tendency of answering we are okay even when things are bad but people are suffering out here,” he noted.

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