How Kamene Goro ‘Snatched’ DJ Bonez From His Admirer

July 27, 2023

Former Kiss 100 FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has reiterated that she is not a husband snatcher.

Speaking on her YouTube channel with her former radio cohost Oga Obinna, Kamene Goro shared that she would receive calls from certain women who hurled insults at her. These women, who were friends of DJ Bonez’s baby mama, would accuse her of being a home wrecker.

“I am not a husband snatcher. We just fell in love…it was not planned. Walikuwa wananipigia tukiwa Kiss FM and you know on radio, the calls aren’t live, they are recorded. Walikuwa wananitukana. And they used to come like a million of them,” she said.

Kamene did however admit to snatching DJ Bonez from a woman who was interested in him. Apparently, the said woman had too many demands, one of which was for DJ Bonez to buy her an iPhone.

“Kwanza kuna mwingine nilipiga slide clean. Aliitisha iPhone msee akamuuliza really? Mimi nikakuja tu nikasema just take me as I am. Next thing, dem akoana tu Kamene popping champagne, akaona huyu dem anahang out na huyu msee wangu sana. He didn’t even tell her, he ghosted her. Ndio maana nilikupick…,” she said.

Bonez on the other hand clarified that he has never been married before, but he did confirm that he has a baby mama and an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a two-year relationship before marrying Kamene.

The DJ said his baby mama portrays him negatively, even though he fulfills his responsibilities as a father and provides for his children. He recounted a past incident where he was labeled a deadbeat dad, with the allegations gaining viral attention.

In his defense, Kamene said: “Bonez is a good dad. Lastborn akicall Bonez, he will pick and they will talk and they understand each other.

“If you have a good baby daddy stop the madness. I have so many friends raising kids on their own or who have met other men who are raising other men’s kids. You have someone who will pay school fees, buy food, and make sure the kids are entertained…they have everything…stop it. Stop the drama,” added Kamene.

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