University Student Found Dead Inside Girlfriend’s House

June 23, 2023

A student from Chuka University has reportedly taken his own life inside his girlfriend’s rented house in Kangaru village, in Embu County.

According to reports, the student’s body was discovered on Wednesday by his girlfriend, who had been attending a lecture when the tragic incident occurred.

Confirming the incident, Assistant Chief Rose Wambeti of Thambo sub-location said the deceased’s partner reported the matter to the authorities at Kangaru Police Post.

“At around 3 pm, I was called and told that there is someone who had killed himself in a house. I came and I was told by the girl that she left the house at noon and returned at around 3 pm and found he had hanged himself,” Ms. Wambeti said as quoted by Citizen.

Wambeti said the man had visited his girlfriend before the tragic incident occurred.

The girlfriend left the man in her room to attend classes, only to return later and discover his lifeless body hanging from the bathroom’s roof, suspended by a belt.

Reports have it that the man had been struggling with a gambling addiction, which could have played a role in his decision to take his own life. However, these claims are still under investigation and have not been confirmed.

Police visited the scene and moved the body to Embu Level Five Hospital Mortuary.

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