DJ Evolve Tells Court He Didn’t See Babu Owino With A Gun

June 23, 2023

Felix Orinda, also known as DJ Evolve, testified in a Nairobi court, affirming that he did not see Embakasi East MP Babu Owino carrying a firearm on the day he was shot.

While testifying as a defence witness in a case where the lawmaker is charged with misuse of a firearm, DJ Evolve told Milimani senior Principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi on Thursday that on the night of January 16th and 17th 2020, he met Babu Owino at B club where they had conversations as friends.

“Did you see Babu Owino with a gun?” Defence lawyer Duncan Okatch posed.

To which DJ Evolve responded: “No, we were just having conversations.”

DJ Evolve said he remembers finding himself in a vehicle as he was being rushed to a hospital.

“I was injured by a bullet but I don’t know from which gun…I just found myself in a vehicle to hospital…I came to find out that Babu Owino was supporting me and as a friend I expected my friends to look after me.”

The DJ testified that Owino has been supporting him since the shooting incident.

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“Owino has been supporting me and continues to support me. I have received medical, utility and general well-being support. No other person has come to support me,” he testified during the virtual court proceedings.

Babu Owino’s second witness, his bodyguard and personal assistant Edwin Otieno, claimed the lawmaker’s firearm was faulty. Otieno testified that a day before the incident t B Club, Owino’s firearm had jammed at a shooting range.

“I had told Babu Owino to take his gun for a check-up after he said it jammed. I checked and noticed that the firearm had a technical issue,” Otieno said, adding that a gun cannot fire if it has jammed.

Otieno testified that during their visit to the club, he saw Babu Owibo consume two cans of energy drink and water.

After leaving the club at 5 am, he instructed Charles Otieno, the person responsible for security at the club, to return the firearm to Owino.

Charles Otieno, a security officer at B club, verified that he was indeed the one who securely stored Babu Owino’s firearm at the club. He said he returned it to him while they were in the car as they accompanied DJ Evolve to the hospital.

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