Survey Shows Percentage of Kenyans That Strongly Support Finance Bill

June 14, 2023

According to a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Fiscal Affairs (CFA) and Twaweza, only a mere 1.9 percent of Kenyans expressed strong support for the disputed Finance Bill 2023.

It has also been revealed that a significant majority of Kenyans, around 75 percent, strongly oppose the Bill.

The Poll also shows that 2.8 percent of the respondents support the Finance Bill 2023 while 17.8 percent don’t support the bill.

“2.8 percent support the Finance Bill 2023, while 2.4 percent of Kenyans neither support the bill,” the report shows.

Centre for Fiscal Affairs (CFA) and Twaweza conducted the survey between May 19 and June 6, 2023. It was conducted on an online platform and involved the participation of 25,966 respondents who were queried on their opinions regarding the Finance Bill 2023.

An overwhelming 83.8 percent of the survey respondents said there was insufficient citizen participation in the drafting of the bill.

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