‘Recruit Your Children To Mungiki First,’ President Ruto Tells Azimio Leaders

June 14, 2023

President William Ruto has sounded out a warning that the outlawed and dreaded Mungiki sect will not be allowed to operate in Kenya.

Speaking during the inauguration of the Kerugoya Referral Hospital in Kirinyaga, President Ruto accused the Opposition, Azimio, of mobilizing Mungiki to further their political agenda.

”There will be nothing like Mungiki in this country because we know the losses they have caused. Let me tell you Kenyans that we will not allow illegal groups. Those opposition leaders are trying to bring back Mungiki, bhang, extort Kenyans with illegal levies and trouble our mothers,” he said.

Ruto at the same time dared the Opposition leaders to induct their own children into the sect.

”I want to tell you opposition leaders that if you think Mungiki are special people, please bring on your children and recruit them first, leave our children alone.”

President Ruto also extended an Olive branch to Azimio, saying they should focus on meeting with them to strategize for the progress and development of the nation.

“Those who are trying to revive the Mungiki groups so you use for politics, please meet with us we plan on the country’s development, not plans that can bring conflicts in the country,” he said.

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