Azimio’s Strategy To Scuttle Finance Bill Votes

June 20, 2023

Rarieda Member of Parliament (MP) Otiende Amollo has disclosed that Azimio lawmakers have strategized to disrupt the third reading of the Finance Bill in Parliament in a bid to block it from being passed.

Amollo said their plan involves introducing numerous amendments aimed at prolonging the session late into the night and potentially affecting the voting process.

“Any individual member has the discretion to introduce an amendment at the committee of the whole House stage. I’m aware of members from the minority side who proposed many amendments,” said the lawmaker.

In addition to the game of numbers, Otiende Amollo claimed that the Azimio lawmakers have other plans up their sleeves.

“With those numbers, even if all the members who were absent were to vote against the Bill, the ruling alliance would still have its way on this matter, but I can tell you we have other options,” he said.

Amollo also said the Azimio coalition intends to challenge both the content of the Finance Bill and the recent proceedings of the second parliamentary reading in court.

Another Azimio insider reportedly told the People Daily that the coalition plans to create a division in every clause of the Finance Bill, at the Committee of the whole House, where members are required to vote on each clause.

The Azimio official also reportedly said they expect a full House during the third reading, and that they had been instructed to ‘create a division on every clause.’

“We also expect a full House after the bashing of those members who skipped the last vote, meaning it would take more time to take a vote on a single clause,” the anonymous source said as quoted.

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