Sonko now flaunts diamonds as daughter defends him against trolls

May 17, 2023

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko continued to be a menace on social media amid mixed reactions for showing off his wealth.

Sonko stunned Kenyans on social media when he went on a rant in response to claims that he was broke. In his video rant, the flamboyant politician showed off bundles of cash in dollars and shillings stacked in a gold-plated aluminum case.

In the video, Sonko says,”Ati sina pesa sababu hatusaidii watoto. Nani ameakuambia above 18 ni watoto? mtu amezaa. Amesomeshwa akamaliza. Niko na pesa ya kuharibu na bibi zangu… Wacha nikuoneshe pesa. Unajua maana ya pesa wewe?”

Sonko mentioned that his wealth is for spoiling his wives as he hurled unprintable insults at an unknown individual.

The video also drew backlash from a section of Kenyans, along them Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai.

The former blogger blasted Sonko, tweeting: “The fact that you can operate a camera and display a wad of cash doesn’t make you rich. You can be having some wads of cash while upstairs, wewe ni maskini wa ki akili . Jamani, tafuteni knowledge and wisdom. Gig piny bura oloyo (nothing can’t be solved with a meeting). Never seek validation from netizens.”

Sonko wrote back: “Maisha ni yangu. Wewe nyamaza mknd wewe. Yako ya Mca umesaidia nayo nani? Na bado ujue (My life is mine. You keep quiet. Yours where you are an MCA, who have you helped? And you should know) I can still go out of my way for anyone including yourself since you were once my buddy. God forbid akikuchukua mbele yangu (he takes you before me), I will ensure you are buried like a king. Together with your funeral committee, we shall preserve your body in the morgue for additional 3weeks as I construct a modern house for you in your shags where you will be laid to rest.”

As the back and forth was going on on Twitter, Sonko’s daughter Sandra Mbuvi joined the fray and told off her dad’s attackers.

Guys please stop attacking my father. Everyone gets upset and if it were you in that position you would have flipped even worse y’all don’t see things from his point of view but then so quick to jump to conclusions. He’s human to a beg,” she wrote.

Then on Tuesday, Sonko went a step further and shared a video talking about his love for diamonds.

Check him out below.



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