CS Kindiki: There was a plot to kill Former Meru MCA George Kaliunga

May 3, 2023
CS Kindiki visiting the family of former Antubetwe Kiongo Ward MCA George Kaliunga

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof. Kithure Kindiki has refuted claims that former Antubetwe Kiongo Ward MCA George Kaliunga was killed during a banditry attack on Sunday.

Reports had it that Kaliunga was chasing after bandits from Isiolo who had stolen his livestock when he was shot in the chest.

But speaking on Tuesday, CS Kindiki said preliminary investigations indicate that Kaliunga’s death was premeditated and that his attackers tried to cover it up by feigning a banditry attack.

“Mr. George Kaliunga, the former MCA, did not die accidentally. It clearly looks like there was a plan to eliminate him. I assure you that his killers will be apprehended and prosecuted,” said Kindiki.

The CS directed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to constitute a taskforce to investigate Kaliunga’s death.

“I direct the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to form a special team that will probe this matter and get to the bottom of it,” he said.

Kindiki at the same ordered the immediate deployment of more security officers to contain cases of insecurity in Meru North region.

“The same way we’ve neutralised bandits and armed criminals in the North Rift Valley is the same way we will deal with cattle rustlers. I am declaring Meru North a security operation zone,” said the CS.

“The security team here in Meru North and across the country must use all the skills and experience to identify criminals who are disturbing our citizens. We must be more pre-emptive than reactive in security management.”

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