Meet contemporary author Noah Roy: ‘I am one of the best storytellers in Kenya’

May 22, 2023

Noah Roy is an upcoming writer who has authored novels and owns a content creation agency. He spoke to Arts Lounge about his craft and projects.

Briefly introduce yourself.

I am Noah Roy Kibet, a contemporary Kenyan author and a digital content specialist. I believe I am one of the best storytellers cropping up in Kenya. As an author, I tell authentic Kenyan stories with a Kenyan soul. I create unique experiences that endear your brand to readers and potential investors. I am an Accounting and Finance graduate from the Co-operative University.

Share your life experience.

I was born and raised in a normal Kenyan family. I attended normal schools and had a normal life. I am doing the normal things that Kenyans do to survive, well, apart from being an author, which I think is abnormal.

Describe the books you have written and the motivation for each.

I have authored two books. My first book is called ‘Here, I stand’. It is a memoir. The story follows the life of an ordinary Kenyan boy who dreams of becoming an icon. The book accounts my life through hurdles into achievements of life. The motivation behind this story is to encourage the kids and people who have been doubted and written off by society that we can resurrect from the wrecks of life to become better and more valuable human beings.

My second publication is ‘Woman beneath her feet & other short stories’. It is an anthology of short stories from some of the best contemporary Kenyan storytellers. The anthology is an amalgamation of modern and some universally well-packaged fictional narratives with compelling yet relatable themes ranging from love, family, identity, and life pre- and post-pandemic. In this, I have desired to become a distinction in the market segment.

What is the market response so far?

So far, so good. Becoming a writer in an age where Kenyans don’t read is very hard. However, I can boldly say Kenyans have been supportive. They have embraced me and my art in ways I could not imagine. They have bought my books in throngs. They have inspired my growth into a best-selling Kenyan author at 24. It is my wish and prayer that it can only get better.

What is the expectation and hope in your writing career?

I have more significant expectations. I want to be one of the best-selling African authors. I want to write more exciting books, and hope one of my books will be used as a set book in schools. I also expect many Kenyans to pick up the habit of reading. A reading nation evolves and grows its values.

What other businesses/Jobs do you undertake?

I work at Centum Learning Africa as a digital content specialist, where I launch the roles of researching content and consumer trends, developing content strategies, and creating content for Airtel Africa in both print and digital media. I also own a content creation agency that ghost-writes Kenyan stories and writes memoirs and biographies.

How did you get the resources to write and publish books?

As an accountant passionate about savings, my professionalism has taught me money-saving tips and investment analysis. The books are printed from my savings.

Who is your inspiration?

My bosses Esther Nyaga and Erick Mwivithi. They always tell me: “If you are doing something, never leave it unfinished. If you feel like doing then do it. Whatever happens, happens for the best”.

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