Fears of another cult as 200 ‘rescued’, prophetess arrested in Kwale

May 9, 2023

The ongoing government crackdown on suspicious religious activities has led authorities to a church in Kwale where more than 200 people were found in a forest.

The followers of Rainbow Faith Ministries in Vumbu village in Msambweni were allegedly found practicing extreme religious activities.

Police reportedly rescued the followers, among them 50 children. They also arrested their church leader, 23-year-old Joyce Mkumbi, a self-proclaimed prophetess.

Kwale County Children’s Coordinator Zephaniah Apoko reportedly said the church asked its followers to leave their homes and stay at a makeshift centre in the forest to strictly adhere to its teachings.

The Daily Nation reports that the religious adherents were also required to pray three times a day and three times a night. Children were forced to miss school to attend the prayers.

Apoko said pastor Mkumbi is not a certified preacher and recommended she be charged for exposing children to extreme religious doctrine through her claims of messages from God.

However, one of the congregants said they had not prevented any children from going to school.

“This is a good church. I also came from Nairobi and it is in a peaceful environment. I don’t know why the authorities are targeting us. But this is a sign of the end times as our preacher told us,” said Humprey Nguma.

Kwale County Police Commander said they were investigating the church to come up with a conclusive report on its activities.

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