Family of British tourist ‘killed by the devil’ demands fresh investigations after Shakahola discovery

May 9, 2023

The family of a British woman who died under mysterious circumstances at the residence of a spiritual leader in Mombasa two years ago has called for a fresh probe into her death following the discovery of the Shakahola cult massacre.

The family of the deceased 44-year-old Lutfunisa Khandwalla claims she was forced to take drugs used to treat tuberculosis leading to her death.

Khandwalla died on August 2, 2020 and was buried the following day at the Memon cemetery.

She met her death while visiting her husband’s relatives in Mombasa, where it was claimed the “devil” killed her as an unidentified spiritual leader tried to help her.

But her brother, Imran Admani, said his sister was the victim of extreme religious practices akin to the Shakahola cult.

“With the revelation of the Shakahola cult deaths, I suggest that the police should expose the unidentified cult leader behind my sister’s death,” he said.

According to Admani, Khandwalla died while being recruited into a cult. He said she was forced to overdose on TB drugs even though she had no history of tuberculosis.

A medical examination of her remains showed that she had taken ethambutol, with Bio Analytics UK finding traces of the drugs in her brain tissue.

“These findings already point to foul play as my sister did not suffer from TB. I feel this was an attempt to kill her by giving her an overdose,” said Admani.

“She was forced to take a chemical used for freezing by a spiritual leader who lied to her that it would cure her ailments, after which she died,” he added.

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