Ruto’s cheap Unga brands are genetically modified maize – Martha Karua

May 3, 2023

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua has rubbished the new brands of maize flour that are retailing at a cheaper price.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Karua said the new Unga brands are manufactured from Genetically Modified maize. Karua claimed the government was trying to hoodwink Kenyans by hiding the source of the maize flour.

“The police that were unleashed prevented us from proceeding with our planned protests. Unfortunately, because of the mayhem, we could not present our four petitions as planned,” Karua said.

She said Azimio MPs were teargassed as they tried to inform Kenyans that the new Unga is GMO.

“We know why we could not present a petition to the Office of the President on the cost of food. There has been an attempt by the illegitimate Kenya Kwanza regime to mislead Kenyans that the cost of Unga has come down,” Karua said.

“The truth is that it has not and we wanted to prove it. We also wanted to let Kenyans know that the new unga brand that they are retailing at slightly lower prices than the older familiar brands is GMO maize.”

Karua mentioned that several maize millers had refused to mill and sell the brands as “a matter of principle.”

She asked President Ruto’s government to be honest with Kenyans, saying it is wrong to have them consume GMOs without their knowledge.

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