CS Duale narrates MPs’ sexcapades with “laptops” during retreats

May 5, 2023

Defence Cabinet Secretary Adan Duale has laid bare some of the activities that members of parliament indulge in during official government retreats.

In his memoir titled For The Record, CS Duale narrated how government officials smuggle women into hotel rooms for intimate relationships.

“From the rooms on either side of mine, I could hear the faint rhythmic sounds of headboards bumping on the wall, accompanied by the muffled grunts and muted moans of my colleagues and young women,” Dulae writes.

The CS says the women are usually referred to as laptops and are smuggled in by the MPs’ bodyguards and drivers.

“The ladies are usually called ” laptops” because they seemed like an essential thing to some colleagues.

“The way laptops are for business trips, these young women were always present in the political meetings, sneaked in like contraband into hotel rooms late at night.”

CS Duale recounted that during one such retreat, he could not sleep due to the noise from his colleagues’ rooms.

He indicated that that was the breaking point that prompted him to switch his political allegiance.

“The chirping crickets and the starving mosquitos filled the void as I tried to tune out the noise from the amorous activities. It had been a long day. I woke up, slid my hand under the mosquito net and flicked the light switch on,” he recounted.

Adding: “I picked up the remote control and turned on the television to browse the international news channels. I tried reading but could not go Past a few pages. Something was bothering me I picked up my phone and dialed a number – William Ruto’s.”

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