Murathe: Ruto will be a one-term president, lucky if he finishes it

May 5, 2023

Former Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe says President William Ruto will serve for only one term. In fact, Murathe believes that Ruto will be lucky if he finishes his 5-year term.

“It is a fact that they (Kenya Kwanza) were sworn in for a five-year term, but anything can happen.

“You think this Maandamano has no end game! You wait and see. We have the numbers and Kenyans. We are the people, and Azimio wants what is good for this nation, not witch-hunts and threats thrown everywhere by Kenya Kwanza,” Murathe told The Standard.

The confidant of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta also ruled out Jubilee working with Kenya Kwanza, saying the ruling party is a political grave.

Murathe claimed Kenya Kwanza is only focused on destroying the Constitution, political parties, and the Opposition so that it can stay in power for selfish gains.

“We cannot get into Kenya Kwanza, which does not have the interests of Kenyans at heart. These people (Kenya Kwanza) found themselves in power after rigging elections and had no plan or strategy to serve Kenyans. That’s why you can see them everywhere shouting and blaming others who are not even in government,” Murathe said.

“That’s why they are unable to deliver and can’t remove some people’s names from their mouths.”

Murathe reportedly told Kenya Kwanza leaders not to be drunk with power since their days in government are numbered.

“They campaigned and stole elections but did not have a plan to lead the nation. Even if they send emissaries for us to join them, we will not,” he said, adding that Kenya Kwanza tried to take over Jubilee Party.

“Even after failing to take over the party, Kenya Kwanza sent 20 police cars and hundreds of officers to push Jubilee officials out. Kilimani and Kileleshwa have only two police vehicles; why did they mobilise officers from across the country to grab the party?”  he posed.

Murathe said they are working to put Jubilee in order, punish rebel members, and then intensify grassroots mobilisation with a view to strengthening the Azimio Coalition.

“Kenya Kwanza has done nothing for Kenyans, and they should be home like yesterday,” Murathe said.

Additional Reporting by the Standard

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