Three Offenses DJ Brownskin Could be Charged With- Lawyer Danstan Omari

April 5, 2023

If indeed Dj Brownskin recorded his late wife Sharon Njeri when she ingested a fatal concoction, then he committed at least three felonies.

This is according to lawyer Danstan Omari, who says anyone who sees someone committing suicide and fails to take any action to stop or report the offense is guilty of a felony under Penal Code section 225 (Aiding suicide).

“If it is true that he was there, observed, and recorded, three offenses were committed.

“The DJ never attempted to stop a commission of an offense, he never reported that there was a commission of an offense that has started and is going on. That is the first offense he will do, “ Omari said.

Secondly, the circumstances that put the DJ at the scene of the commission of the offense suggest that he participated in preparation for the commission of an offense, the lawyer said.

“The circumstances putting the DJ at the scene of the commission of the offence, circumstantially, he was aware that an offense was going to be committed.”

Additionally, Omari told a local media house that DJ Brownskin supposedly exposed his children to a traumatic experience by watching his wife die by suicide in their presence.

By doing this, the DJ allegedly violated Article 53 of the Constitution, Section 119 of the Children’s Act, which stipulates that a parent must protect the morals and sanity of children.

“He recorded the offence. He must have discussed in advance what is going to be done. He knew the content of the poison the lady wanted to take. So, he participated in the preparation for the commission of an offense.”

But lawyer Cliff Ombeta differs in opinion. He says there is no evidence from the video that DJ Brownskin aided the loss of life.

Ombeta argues that according to the law, the incident was a moral issue as long as the DJ did not provide the poison to her.

“It is a moral issue. Hakuna offense kwa penal code. As long as he did not provide/avail the poison to her You are a brother’s keeper” on moral issues,” he said.

“My point exactly. Did he induce? No proof. Did he aid? No proof. Did he Abet? No proof. MORAL ISSUE: Did he watch? Yes. Not criminal. Did he record? Not criminal. Totally. Nothing more,” Ombeta added.

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