Stevo Simple Boy Comes Clean on Pregnancy After Pritty Vishy Diss

April 4, 2023

Musician Stevo Simple Boy and his wife Grace Atieno are not expecting a baby after all.

The rapper had excited his fans over the weekend when he announced that his wife Grace was heavy with child.

Speaking during the album launch of Ohangla musician Prince Indah on Saturday, April 1, Stevo Simple Boy said he was excited about becoming a father.

My lover and I are doing perfectly well. We love each other. A baby is on the way coming. I can’t reveal the gender because that is God’s plan, and I can’t know. Hopefully, that will be my firstborn child,” he said.

Stevo added that Grace was away visiting her family in Taita Taveta but would return to Nairobi soon.

“She is not here with me in Nairobi. She went to their home in Taita but will soon return,” he said.

As you would expect, the pregnancy announcement caught the attention of Stevo’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy, who for some reason can’t seem to stop talking about the musician any chance she gets.

Vishy threw shade at Stevo and more so his wife, by claiming that the singer was not the father of the unborn child.

“Nikisema hiyo mimba sio yake mtasema niko na wivu,” Vishy wrote on Sunday.

Later that day, Stevo Simple Boy was having the last laugh as he revealed that the pregnancy announcement was an April Fool’s prank. He also mentioned that his wife had pranked him too.

“Aprili tarehe moja Jana ilikua fools day najua mlisahau 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… Mke wangu kanipranki… Sanitize sanitize… Mambo guda guda… Mambo ikiwa mbwedede mtajua tu😂🤣” he wrote.


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