Online Gambling and Sports Betting in Kenya: A Legal Outlook 2023

April 10, 2023

The online gambling industry in Kenya is making waves. The availability of smartphones and the internet in Kenya has facilitated online gambling, and the introduction of mobile money services such as M-Pesa has made it simpler to deposit and withdraw funds from online gambling platforms.

Besides, online gambling companies in Kenya have employed aggressive marketing strategies that were successful in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.  Another reason why online gambling has become so popular in this country is the legalization of online gambling in 2019.

Added to that, Kenya has a high unemployment rate, which led many individuals to turn to online gambling as a means of generating income.


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the online gambling and sports betting industry is a booming industry in Kenya.

However, as with any sort of pastime, players and punters are encouraged to search for the best Kenyan casinos from credible sources such as GamblingAfrica.

Here, the listed operators aren’t chosen at random, and a considerable amount of time and effort is invested in ensuring the providers are licensed and reputable.

Further on, we will look at the advantages of playing with licensed and reputable providers, but first, let’s look at the main laws that govern online gambling in Kenya.

Main Laws That Govern Online Gambling In Kenya

Several forms of gambling are totally legal in Kenya, such as casino gaming, bingo, and lotteries. Sports betting is legal too, which is not surprising given the country’s enthusiastic football fans.

Betting activities in brick-and-mortar casinos were legalized back in 1966, but it was only in 2019 that the country’s outdated laws were updated and new regulations were introduced to govern online gambling.

These regulations cover anything from online and mobile lotteries, to sports betting and casino gaming, as well as all other forms of remote gambling.

The following is a breakdown of some of the main regulations associated with online gambling in Kenya:

Laws governing Games and Gaming Servers

Remote gambling operators are required to provide the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) with a list of games they plan to offer to Kenyan players, as well as particulars regarding their gaming servers, such as their location.

Regulations related to Customer Support

Foreign operators are obliged to establish and operate customer support centers within the country to aid local players and handle their queries.

Database and Data Protection Legislation

Gambling companies should retain a database that holds data related to every bet placed by Kenyan clients, along with the consequences.

The handling of clients’ sensitive information must comply with the Data Protection Act of 2019, and companies may only reveal this data with the approval of the players concerned.

Laws related to Payment and Licensing

Remote operators are required to pay customers’ profits within 7 days from the day they won. Conducting online or mobile gambling operations without a license or with a suspended/revoked license is regarded as a criminal act, and offenders may be subjected to fines and/or imprisonment for up to five years.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing With Licensed and Reputable casinos?

The legalization of online gambling in Kenya might lead to a decrease in the number of available operators in Kenya, but it is a positive step in ensuring a safe gaming environment for all players.

The following are the main reasons why you should only play with licensed and reputable casinos:

Licensed Casinos Are Trustworthy

Online casinos that have a license from a reputable authority would have the formal seal of approval to operate within Kenya. Playing with a legal online casino would protect you and you can put your mind at rest that you’ll be treated fairly.

In case of any doubts about casino fairness, you can contact the relevant authorities for assistance.

Licensed Casinos Provide Fair, Random and High-Quality Games

Since a license obliges a provider to comply with all regulations and undergo regular audits, you can also put your mind at rest that games are all fair and random. Legal online casinos also partner with reputable software developers to provide high-quality games to their customers.

Licensed Casinos are Secure

Legal gambling platforms employ high-security standards to ensure the safety of their customers’ sensitive data. They use several technical measures, including SSL encryption and firewalls, to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Licensed Casinos Offer Various Trusted Payment Methods

Reliable online casinos in Kenya offer a variety of trusted payment methods and cooperate with payment processors to ensure accurate and secure transactions.

Players have multiple options to deposit and withdraw funds. On the other hand, unlicensed online casinos cannot guarantee a safe environment and should be avoided.

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