Nonini slams producer Clemmo over Sh1M court award

April 14, 2023

US-based Kenyan rapper Nonini(born Hubert Naktare) has not taken kindly to his former longtime producer Clemmo laying claim to a share of the Sh1 million he was awarded in a copyright infringement case for the song ‘We Kamu’.

Clemmo, who cofounded Calif Records with Nonini and Jua Cali in 2000, spoke to SPM Buzz, saying as the producer of the hit song, he is entitled to a share of the monetary compensation.

“Someone got paid or rather a judgement got passed and someone was favoured and got paid some money for work that I did… So that track is my track, it is my idea, and I did not get paid,” Clemmo said.

The legendary producer did however note that they never signed any contract on the share allocation of the song.

In response, Nonini accused Clemmo of ignorance saying he should also have sued Japanese electronics company Syinix and social media influencer Brian Mutinda for copyright infringement.

Ignorance sometimes huwa Mbaya: πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Ngojeni kwanza nimalizane na influencer and the company then nikuje ni deal na hii ufala yenyu,” Nonini wrote on social media.

He added: “You do know every citizen has the right to appeal any court decision as per our constitution. ???? πŸ˜… ( So reading about things on mtandao utakaa fala sana). Also if you feel your Rights were infringed you are at all liberty to open a suit against the 2 (influencer and company) But court systems are about Facts not emotional outbursts on social media. You gotta prove your case.”

Nonini mentioned that he worked hard on the suit and Clemmo should do the same.

“I have invested my time and resources in the suit which you can do the same ( Hii mambo haitaki uzembe) are we clear? Also I can be petty about so many things. If you want us to go down that road! Shokde Lee tunakam kuchunguza… πŸ˜…πŸ€£ NB: in the mean time Kuna mention about this case tomorrow let me FOCUS!”

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