Kilifi Funeral Home blasts Pastor Ezekiel for lying that his miracle drove them out of business

April 19, 2023

Milele Funeral Burial and Benevolent Services in Kilifi County has called out pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Center and Church for claiming that he performed a miracle that drove the funeral home out of business.

During one of his televised sermons, pastor Ezekiel claimed the funeral home was conveniently located near a blackspot along the Mombasa-Malindi Road.

“At Mbogolo slope on your way to Mombasa on your right, there is somewhere written Milele Funeral home. There is no hospital, dispensary or clinic but it’s just a funeral home. And that area is a black spot.

“In other words, they are telling you that they are welcoming deaths along that stretch because they have their ready business for funeral service. They are telling you that we welcome you to die, we have everything ready for the funeral service,” Ezekiel claimed.

The preacher claimed he sprinkled three bottles of holy water on the blackspot, forcing the morgue to shut down operations.

“I was very annoyed by this and I went and opened up three bottles of living water and hurled them there and the funeral home was shut,” the pastor said.

Pastor Ezekiel’s remarks caught the attention of Milele Funeral Services, who have threatened to sue him for defamation.

Johnson Amani, who heads Coastal Links Investment Limited, the company that operates the funeral home, said the facility is still operational.

“For clarity, Milele is still operating and any false information being advanced by the pastor should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“Even as I am speaking now there are bodies from the accident scene in Taita which are being ferried to the Milele Funeral Home morgue,” Amani said.

The official added that pastor Ezekiel has been tarnishing the facility’s name since 2020.

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