5 Best Medical Aids in Africa

April 28, 2023

Medical aid has become more prevalent than ever across the African continent, as rising healthcare costs and increasing numbers of chronic care patients have a greater impact on public healthcare systems. 

In Africa, different countries offer different medical aid schemes. Here, we explore the 5 best medical aids in Africa as available in some of the biggest African economies. 

1. Kenya: Liberty Health


Heritage Insurance Company Ltd is an East African insurance leader that is part of a prominent financial services business that includes Heritage Insurance (general and medical), Liberty Life Assurance (life and pension), and Stanlib Kenya Ltd (investments). 

The Company is a member of the Standard Bank Group through Liberty Holdings, and has a history of offering exceptional services to a diverse range of clientele.

Heritage Insurance provides Liberty Blue (Liberty Health Cover in other countries) and Heritage Blue as comprehensive, flexible health insurance solutions to multinationals and corporations in Kenya and around the African continent. 

Heritage Insurance manages both health plan portfolios, with Liberty Health providing IT and other business assistance.

Liberty Health, which was founded in 2008, is a significant health insurance provider on the African continent. Through their 27 in-country offices, they provide healthcare solutions to over 400 000 people, as well as access to a large network of contracted healthcare professionals in Africa, India, and throughout the world.

2. Botswana: PULA Medical Aid Fund


PULA provides medical aid throughout Botswana. Those covered, however, have access to health care services in any country other than Botswana. The majority of their members regularly use health-care services in South Africa and Namibia.  

If members pay for their own healthcare outside of Botswana, PULA will reimburse them in full in accordance with the agreed-upon tariffs.

Members of the Pula Medical Aid Fund can now see their PULA account details. They can view recent transactions such as doctor visits and payments, outstanding amounts for various benefit categories, and other transactions that have occurred on their account.

3. Namibia: Prosperity Health


As a 100% Namibian owned medical aid administrator, Prosperity Health has been a leader in the Namibian Medical Aid market for the past 25 years.

Prosperity Health has consistently set a high standard of quality administration and financial services to Namibian medical aid funds, both closed and open.

Risk management, medical aid fund administration, and information technology services are among the services provided by Prosperity Health. 

Their health information technology (HIT) services enable the seamless integration of medical aid administration and the financial procedures required for effective administration.

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4. Nigeria: Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO is one of Nigeria’s top health insurance providers. Its goal is to provide members with quality healthcare at a lower cost. 

Individuals, Families, Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, SMEs and Corporations, Gym & Spa are among the plans. They have been around for a long and are well-known in Nigeria for providing outstanding health insurance services.

5. Zimbabwe: Maisha Medical Aid Fund

Maisha Health Fund is a medical aid provider in Zimbabwe. They provide cheap medical aid packages for all budgets, allowing you to use private, mission, government, and local health facilities in Zimbabwe.

You can participate in their medical aid as an individual, family, organisation, college, or institution. Maisha Health Fund medical aid coverage can be purchased in USD or ZWL.

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