Things To Know About Gospel Singer Hadassah Favour

March 13, 2023

Hadassah Favour(born Esther Natasha) is a fast-rising gospel singer best known for hits such as Naomba Ushuhuda and Ziwe Ukumbusho.

Briefly tell us about your background.

My name is Esther Natasha, but my stage name is Hadassah Favour – derived from my name Esther.

I am married to one man, and I’m a mother of two biological children and several spiritual children. I was born in Western Kenya, Webuye. I am the fifth in a family of seven children. I am a teacher of the word; I love the word of God because it’s the truth we need.

Which are some of your songs that have really done well in the market?

My popular songs are Ziwe UkumbushoHaja, and Naomba Ushuhuda.

 What unique experience do you have and how does it relate to your talent? 

Most of my songs inspire hope. Personally, friends have betrayed me, and I have felt pain, lots of pain because of music.

 What big names have you interacted with in the gospel industry? 

My pastor has had the grace of inviting servants of God to our Church. So I have mingled with the likes of Solomon Mkubwa, Rosemary Njage, Tumaini, Ali Mkhwana, Erasto Shengezi, and Mama Mary Atieno among others.

Your songs seem to be so emotional experience do you have in relation to your performances? 

Anytime I am called to sing I find myself so emotional because all my songs are speaking to me directly. The last time I sang in a wedding and I left everyone emotional.

Where can people reach you? 

I can be reached on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram through the hand;e Hadasha Favuor.

Your parting shot?

If you don’t know where you are going, don’t go.

Source: The Nairobian

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