Fun Facts To Know About Florist Rachel Sintamei

March 13, 2023

Rachel Sintamei is a florist and the founder of Sintamei Flowers situated in Westlands, Nairobi. Before venturing into business, Sintamei, who is a teacher by training,  was a Twitter Influencer.

Sintamei Flowers, which she started with zero capital, currently fetches approximately Sh800,000 per month, according to WhoOwnsKenya.

The flourishing businesswoman shared with the Daily Nation some fun facts about her.


“The only reason I started Sintamei Flowers was because I didn’t want to go back to Narok.

I trained as a teacher but jobs were hard to come by in Nairobi, you know how competitive the city is. The only place I could get a teaching job was back in Narok and my parents really wanted me back.

So I got myself a customer care job but quit after a year and a half because I wasn’t feeling the vibe.

When I started, I first thought I could sell candles because I could easily make them at home. I also thought of going into the wine business because boy, I am very good at wines, I think I should add the Sommelier title as well.

But then I settled on flowers. I loved buying myself flowers and after a conversation with my florist, I became a middleman. It was easier selling flowers because it required less work. I got the flowers from a florist and sold them for a commission.

This year’s Valentine’s was good for business but on the other end a bad one haha! because I didn’t receive any flowers from anyone. 

I think serious guys are scared of hitting on me, my feeling is they think I am too serious. But you know what, I am. I got no time for f**k boys, I am no longer 20. Those days are gone.

I am always breaking men’s hearts because the majority of those who hit on me, turn out not to be serious or they are just playboys and my answer is No.

Perhaps it could be the reason I have remained single for two years now haha! But if a guy with the right energy comes my way I won’t mind.

My ideal kind of guy is one who is disciplined.

I have always known I will settle down at some point but not now when I am 30.

The most important thing for me is to get my life in order to have that structure when I finally meet the guy. I don’t want to be that babe of “nitumie 2K urgently nitaku-refund”.

I stopped hanging out in clubs unless it’s a special occasion so you will always find me hanging out in restaurants with my friends. Ankole Grill in Kitusuru is my favourite spot. Sometimes I like going to check out the golf guys at Windsor, though I don’t play. 

One thing that doesn’t run out of stock in my house is milk. I am a Maasai. You know you can drink milk and sleep, that’s a proper meal.

My expensive habits are ordering takeaways and eating out because I am not a good cook. If anything, I hate cooking.

What people don’t know about me is that I am Maasai but can’t speak my language. My parents are to blame, they took me to all these Academies and I had no time to grasp the language. Feels bad and weird not knowing to speak that which is yours.

By the way, I have friends in a similar situation and we have now enrolled for Maasai language classes.”

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