Raila – Police Shot At My Car 7 Times, Bullets Aimed At Me

March 31, 2023

Azimio La Umoja Coalition leader Raila Odinga says there was an attempt on his life on Thursday during anti-government protests in Nairobi.

Speaking to the press in Karen, Raila claimed anti-riot police shot at his car seven times trying to take him out.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible what has happened today. Today is a very sad day in the history of this country. This shows that we’re degenerating into the colonial stage, where lives of Africans did not matter at all, because there’s no reason why police should use this kind of force against unarmed citizens who are merely exercising their democratic rights,” Raila said.

The Opposition Chief at the same time faulted foreign envoys for allegedly taking sides with the Kenya Kwanza government.

“My own car was hit seven times with live bullets, and the direction of the bullets were all aimed at me. These people have been threatening and blackmailing us, unfortunately the friends of this country are not helping. Look at the statement released by some ambassador based here, you would think that they live in a different country; they’re actually adding fuel to this conflict, instead of being independent and neutral arbiters.”

Mr Odinga additionally castigated attacks on the press, where at least four journalists from different media houses were hospitalised after allegedly being brutalised by goons and police officers while covering the Thursday protests.

“It is very unfortunate that in the whole of these skirmishes, the media is being targeted for attack. The other day and today, several journalists have been injured.

“We also had information that they were planning to attack Uhuru’s farm, business, and residences,” Raila claimed.

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