Eric Omondi Wants Daily Maandamano For Two Weeks

March 23, 2023

Comedian Eric Omondi has endorsed Raila Odinga’s call for mass protests two days a week, saying they should be held on a daily basis.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Eric asked the Opposition leader to organize daily protests for the next two weeks.

According to Omondi, daily protests would show the government the seriousness of the rising costs of living.

“Tunaambia Raila, tafadhali fanya maandamano ikuwe Monday to Monday. Tufunge kila siku ikuwe holiday. Serikali ikose pesa vile waKenya wamekosa pesa,” he said.

Eric also mentioned that he will lead his own version of protests dubbed ‘Unga Movement’.

“We shall join. If he(Raila) is unable I will have my own protests Wednesday and Friday. I want all of us to unite.

“Nataka tushikane sisi wote kama wakenya. Tuandamane sisi wote, tukose pesa sisi wote. Wanasema hakuna pesa na juzi wamenunua magari ya 800 million,” the comedian lamented.

Eric has since been arrested twice for leading protests in the Nairobi city centre.

He was first arrested on February 21, alongside 17 others after staging a sit down on Parliament Road, then on March 1, while distributing Unga at City Stadium.

They were released on Sh20,000 bond each. The case continues in May this year.

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