The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Plan for Novices

February 3, 2023

Long-term investors and short-term traders are both interested in cryptocurrencies.

While experienced investors and traders may find it simple to add cryptocurrency to their portfolio, people who are new to the financial markets might not know where to begin when it comes to creating a long-term portfolio or spotting short-term chances.

Let us have a look at the greatest cryptocurrency trading and investment method that newcomers may employ. You can improve your trading skills by using a right trading platform like

Strategy For Long-Term Cryptocurrency Investment

Instead of focusing on daily volatility, long-term investors want to profit from price fluctuations over the course of several years.

Due to the absence of a correlation between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets like bonds, precious metals like gold, stocks, etc many investors are also interested in using cryptocurrencies as a diversification tool.

Building a market capitalization-weighted portfolio of cryptocurrencies for diversified exposure to the market is a common long-term investing strategy.

This strategy is used by several indexed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including S&P 500 index ETFs, to obtain diversified exposure to a certain market without having to expend a lot of time and effort on the fundamental study.

How It Operates

A smart place to begin is by reviewing the five major digital currencies by market valuation. The percentage of the total held by each cryptocurrency may then be determined by adding the market capitalizations.

To determine the investment amounts, decide how much you are willing to put into the portfolio each month, quarter, or year, then multiply that amount by each percentage.

Factors To Bear In Mind

Dollar-cost averaging works best when you invest regularly rather than all at once. If you invested the same amount in both months, regardless of whether bitcoin (BTC) prices are high or low, your assets will have an average cost basis.

You might also want to think about rebalancing the portfolio if bitcoin values vary over time.

The rebalancing process consists of two steps: determining each currency’s existing market share and then evaluating it to the market cap percentages in the cryptocurrency industry.

To add or subtract from the balance of your portfolio, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Short-Term Crypto Trading Strategy

The goal of short-term traders is to profit from price changes that happen within a few hours or days.

They are more focused on immediate gains than they are on long-term fundamentals. In reality, people could rely on money as a primary source of income or as a way to supplement their other sources of revenue.

How Does It Functions?

Buying a cryptocurrency when momentum starts to rise and selling it when momentum starts to fall is a typical trading tactic.

Technical indicators and statistical analysis may be used to quantify this momentum, as well as chart patterns and psychological analysis of the underlying market. Trading typically combines the two of these approaches.

Factors To Consider

Numerous traders use technical indicators in automated trading platforms or use crypto scanners to receive real-time alerts about opportunities.

Although these tools can make the process of conducting due diligence easier, it’s crucial to understand that previous performance does not guarantee future performance and that you will need to continuously modify your trading strategies in order to maintain their efficacy.

Additionally having a big effect on traders is psychology.

To make sure that you are abiding by your own rules, you need to have a clearly defined trading strategy in place in addition to being familiar with technical indicators and chart patterns.


The short-term and long-term trading techniques, which are both well-known in the cryptocurrency market, are summarised in this article.

Both of these methods are often used, but ultimately, you must decide which one best suits you after weighing their advantages and disadvantages.

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