Tanasha Donna Blasted For Delaying Release of Hit Collabo

February 21, 2023

Tanzania singer Tommy Flavour has pointed a finger at Kenya’s Tanasha Donna for delaying the release of their music video, “Numero Uno”.

The song was initially released on January 13, 2023, before Tanasha Donna raised concerns over the quality of the video.

Donna even threatened to sue the South African distribution label for releasing the song before correcting some parts of the video to enhance quality as they had agreed.

The video was eventually pulled down, with Tommy Flavour now crying foul.

“Honestly the saga has frustrated me a lot because I had high expectations with the project. My partners and I had invested a lot into it, however I don’t know how exactly Tanasha wanted the video to be, from our end we felt it was okay and that’s why we went ahead and released it,” the singer said in an interview with Mjini FM.

Tommy further claimed Tanasha Donna never showed up for the correction.

“The director of the video was South African, we had invested to bring him here (Tanzania) for the shoot and by the time he was leaving, Tanasha hadn’t yet availed herself for the rectification she so desired. We ended up releasing the video,” he said.

Tommy, who is signed under Alikiba’s music label King’s Music, said they are still in talks to resolve the issue a month later.

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