Sanaipei Tande Sets Record Straight on ‘Kina’ TV Show Exit

February 21, 2023

Sanaipei Tande has disclosed why she had to drop out of the popular Showmax TV show ‘Kina’, where she played the starring role of Nana Tandala.

The singer-actress put it simply that she was suffering from fatigue and needed some R&R.

“Wow! Where to begin…Well, many of you are aware that I am no longer playing the role of Nana Tandala in the ongoing series KINA. There has been alot of speculation as to why this is, with an array of reasons being thrown around. For clarification and accuracy, I chose to leave due to exhaustion and consequently much-needed rest,” Sana wrote in a statement Monday.

She noted that for the sake of the show’s continuity, it was necessary to find a replacement.

“Because of the nature of the show, it was necessary to find a replacement to allow for your continued entertainment,” she said.

Sanaipei went on to thank her fans for their support.

“I thank each and every one of you who has shown great love, support and concern through numerous messages, comments, and compliments. I assure you I have read ALL of them šŸ˜Š I thoroughly enjoyed my time as “The Great Nana Mandi Tandala” and all facets of this phenomenal character. I will surely miss it,” she wrote.

Sanaipei also acknowledged the cast and crew of ‘Kina’Ā as well as the production companies that made the show possible.

The actress concluded by wishing her replacement, Mbeki Mwalimu, all the best.

“I wish my successor @mbekimwalimu all the best as she tackles the ups and downs of the wife, mother, boss, brute and of course Auntiiieeee šŸ¤£ that is NANA MANDI TANDALA, Tande said. I look forward to being back on your screens soon,” Sanaipei concluded.

The actress bows out of ‘Kina’ boasting several awards includingĀ Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama seriesĀ at the 2022 Kalasha Awards.


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