Sabina Chege: Sh100K Cannot Make Me Change My Political Stand

February 21, 2023

Nominated MP Sabina Chege has defended her recent visit to State House after her political party, Azimio, accused her of betrayal.

Speaking in an interview on Inooro TV Sunday night, Sabina said she had no apologies to make for deciding to work with President Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government.

She affirmed her loyalty to Azimio’s Jubilee saying she had a chance to switch camps before the elections.

Sabina disclosed she was offered the position of Nairobi Deputy Governor in the last election.

“I had the offer to be Nairobi Deputy Governor but I left that to ensure that our leader (Uhuru) would finish his tenure properly and did not exit in shame,” she said.

“It hurts when people call us sellouts, if I had gone to UDA, I would have got a very big seat. Today I would be an elected leader, and even if I would not have won, you have seen how this party has rewarded its supporters,” Sabina added.

The lawmaker also dismissed reports that Azimio members who went to the State House were offered cash bribes ranging from Sh.50,000 to Sh.100,000.

“So it is not right to say that I was invited to State House for a handout of Sh50,000, or Sh100,000, that money is not even enough for my daily needs which are so many. Sh50,000 or Sh100,000 cannot make me change my stand,” Sabina stated.

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