Pritty Vishy Reacts After Stevo Simple Boy Introduces His Wife

February 14, 2023

Pritty Vishy has laughed off claims by her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy that he is happily married.

The rapper(born Steven Otieno) dropped the bombshell during the burial of his late father, Anthony Adera, in Homa Bay county.

While addressing mourners, Stevo Simple Boy introduced one Grace Atieno as his wife.

Bwana asifiwe? Mi ni Steven Otieno mimi ni kitinda mimba wa Antony Adera na huyu ndo mke wangu,” he said.

Grace Atieno also introduced herself to the mourners saying she has been married to the rapper for a while. She mentioned that she was close to Stevo’s dad.

Bwana asifiwe? Asifiwe tena? Kwa majina naitwa Grace Atieno nimeletwa kwa hii boma na Stephen Otieno. Naskia vibaya kumpoteza mtu mwenye alikua anashinda akiniita all the time,” she said.

The news of course reached Pritty Vishy, who was teased by her fans during an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session on Instagram.

“How have you taken the news of Stevo public announcement about him being married?” one fan asked the content creator.

In response, Vishy rubbished Stevo’s marriage as a come-we-stay union.

Mm marriage najua ni lazima kukuwe na harusi kaa si hivyo hio ni come we stay na hio si ndoa.” Vishy wrote.

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