Death Sentence For Armed Robber Who Asked Victim Out on a Date

February 16, 2023

A convicted armed robber who was caught after asking his victim out on a date has been sentenced to death.

Kevin Matundura, 24, and his accomplice Joram Njoroge Wainaina were found guilty on December 23, 2022, for an armed robbery on the night of March 14, 2017.

The robbery happened at the home of James Wamungunda and his family in Bahati Constituency, Nakuru County.

Matundura, who was aged 19 years at the time, and Wainaina were part of a four-man gang that terrorized the family for about eight hours.

They prepared tea, watched television, cooked meat and toasted it with wine, and also drove the victim’s vehicle.

The gang stole a sewing motor machine, 10 bags of maize, mobile phones, assorted clothes, shoes, and cash valued at Sh102,000.

During the robbery, Matundura developed feelings for the family’s house help. However, as they were leaving, Wainaina raped the househelp, infuriating Matundura.

The following day, Matundura reached out to the victim to apologize for the ordeal. He asked her to meet him on a lunch date and she agreed.

Unbeknown to Matundura, the woman showed up with police officers who arrested the suspect.

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Matundura was found guilty of robbery with violence and being in possession of firearms and ammunition without a license.

Wainaina was found guilty of robbery with violence as well as rape.

Matundura (right) and his coaccused Joram Njoroge Wainaina at the Nakuru Law Courts on February 14, 2023.

While sentencing the two to death on Tuesday, Nakuru Principal Magistrate Yvonne Khatambi noted that Matundura is a repeat offender who is currently serving another death sentence after he was convicted by another court in 2017 for robbery with violence.

On Njoroge, the court noted he is a pathological liar whose life is anchored on a thread of lies.

The court also noted that although Matundura was a repeat offender who was remorseful, the crime he committed was serious and deserved punishment.

“The accused were armed with machine guns, two pistols, and several rounds of ammunition. Further taking into consideration the injuries sustained by the victim. I found the crime serious and serves a deterrent sentence.”

The court further sentenced Matundura to seven years imprisonment for being in possession of firearms and seven others for possession of ammunition without a licence.

Njoroge was sentenced to a further 20 years in prison for rape.

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