Clergyman Challenges President Ruto to Declare His Wealth

February 17, 2023

Dr. Sammy Wainaina, the provost of the All Saints Cathedral, has challenged President William Ruto to declare his net worth if he is serious about fighting corruption in the country.

Dr Wainaina said that by declaring his wealth, the President can influence a change in culture among government officials.

Speaking on Citizen Television on Wednesday, February 15, the clergyman said the wealth declaration can help Kenyans know should the president and other State officers acquire wealth through suspicious means.

Dr Wainana also proposed the prosecution of high-ranking public servants saying it would deter others from engaging in graft.

“Imprison ten serious guys, and take their wealth and that of their families [if they’re found guilty of graft]. If that is done, Kenyans will fear taking part in corruption.

“Leaders influence national culture. One of the cultures the president can create is the net worth declaration habit. Let him declare his wealth, and everyone else in government should follow suit,” he said.

Wainaina at the same time asked the Head of State to introduce austerity measures use of financial resources.

“Running a government is expensive. Why should our ministers drive around in fuel guzzlers? Why can’t we buy 2,000cc vehicles for them? Let us reduce looting in government, cut spending and make corruption very expensive,” said Dr. Wainaina.

“Some of the looting happens in procurement. Why should a biro pen bought at Sh10 at the supermarket be sold to the government at Sh500? Why can’t the government officers hold meetings in their respective work locations instead of taking them to other counties?” the clergyman posed.

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