Akothee Talks Life Before Fame, Philanthropy, ‘Role Model’ Tag

February 6, 2023

Celebrity musician, businesswoman and philantropist Akothee spoke in a wide-ranging interview on Spice FM.

One of the topics was her life before the fame, where she recounted being a hawker at one point in her journey.

“People knew me in 2014 for my music and out-of-the-box character but I was always a businesswoman, my travel business was my first venture and continues to be my bread and butter from young when I was driving a taxi but people didn’t know that I was married and pregnant at 14 years old,” Akothee said.

Adding: “To survive I did it all, I used to manufacture soap, being a driver, I’ve been a hawker. I did anything and everything that I accomplished so much that when I came onto the scene I was controversial. Being already well-established confused people as they couldn’t understand the source of my wealth which led to all kinds of rumors that were floating around such as trafficking girls and prostitution. I am a hawker, a marketer, an author.”

The mother of five also explained why she refuses to be seen as a role model.

“If you are not present and performing in the life of your children don’t bring me a rotten thing and tell me to model them if you’re not their role model. My children don’t even model my life, they are all graduates, I was a mother from the age of 14. My children are doing their masters while I struggle with one degree. So I refuse that title,” she stated.

Akothee also explained why giving back to society through her eponymous foundation means a lot to her.

“I know what it feels to lack, remember I raised my three children by myself, that’s where the ‘queen of single mothers’ came from. It’s not a title, it’s a journey of a mother raising her kids without the father being there, it’s not easy being a single mother, children need to hear their father’s voice in their lives too.

“I love to give. I feel whole when I give and that is why I set up the Akothee foundation in 2019. When Turkana was hit by famine I wanted to help and I pulled together help from my followers who donated to the cause,” she said.

Speaking about her secret to longevity and relevance on social media, Akothee said: “First you acquire the audience and then you entertain them, but you can’t entertain people every day so it’s better to be yourself.

“You cannot have the same content day in and day out, people will get bored. They come to my page for entertainment. when you see me wielding a panga it doesn’t mean I’m violent, I’m playing a persona as an African,” Akothee explained.

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