Akothee: Denying Your Partner Access To Children Is a Sign You’re Hurting

February 22, 2023

Celebrity musician Akothee says children should not be involved in any divorce drama between their estranged parents.

In a strongly worded social media post on Tuesday, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers said the habit of using a child to punish the other parent is becoming a global pandemic.

“If there is anything that hurts me most, is when full-grown couples drag children into their disagreements. It’s becoming a global pandemic where once couples separate, one will try to use the child to distract the other one’s peace. It’s not even the child they want, nor the upkeep, it’s called the selfish spirit of the unknown, where you think your partner is happy without you and you never want them to move on,” Akothee wrote.

According to the mother of five, using children to settle scores is a sign that one is still hurting.

“With this kind of spirit, you will end up ruining if not your children’s life but also your own life. You will become toxic to every new person you meet, hence all your upcoming relationships won’t hold water because you still holding onto your baby mama/baby daddy,” Akothee reasoned.

She added: “The love you shared is gone, the children will remain. No sane mother/father will deny her / his children from having the freedom of enjoying both parents, this comes with unnecessary malicious damaging dramas for nothing.”

Akothee proposed that the government should formulate new laws on co-parenting after a divorce. She said the parents who caused drama should face the law.

“It hurts that we are ruining our children’s lives by raising bitter generations, and it’s being inherited by the next generations. I think Governments should come up with strict rules on cooperating with zero dramas, and even arrest the parent causing drama. Children are not part of your disagreements, your love, infatuation, commitments, and fun moments are GONE. Stop being a burden to each other, let everyone find peace elsewhere,” she urged.

Akothee at the same time listed 10 co-parenting tips for separated parents.

She wrote:

( Advocate of single parents )

1. Avoid unnecessary demands
2. Take care of your children without demanding for support if you can afford it
3, Agree on terms of visitations
4. Tell him / Her you are not interested and not ready for any drama nor negative discussions
5 limit your communication and attachments to friends you commonly shared , they carry gossips
6. Don’t stalk him/her on social media
7. Block anyone bringing info from both ends
8. Allow children access to their parents unless its getting ugly
9 Talk only positive things about your partner around your children or just don’t mention at all.
10. Let them find out by themselves that daddy/ mommy isn’t supporting them, don’t be the transmitter

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