The winner of the Swedish Hockey Championship SHL 2022/2023: preview

December 7, 2022

The current regular championship of the elite hockey championship in Sweden began in the second half of September 2022, and should end in March 2023.

During this period, the participants of the competition will play 52 matches. Then the strongest six will go to the quarter-final stage, and the teams from seventh to tenth place will meet each other in the 1/8 finals.

Bookmakers single out five contenders for the championship title at once, namely: Skellefteo AIK, Ferjestad, Leksand, Luleå and Frölunda. The rest of the teams are unlikely to compete for medals.

But between the above five, a serious struggle is expected. If you like to bet on sports or play in a casino, you can do it at Mostbet casino.

Shellefteo AIK

The guys of Robert Olsson looked quite confident in the regular season. By the 22nd round, Skellefteo was on the second line, lagging behind the second Växe by one credit point.

With 13 wins, Per Lindholm & Partners have suffered nine losses, six of them in regulation time.

It is also worth noting that the Black-and-Yellows had one of the strongest attacks in the league, but the club did not perform well in defense.

The composition of the team from the city of Skellefteå consists of the Swedes and the star German Tom Kuenhakl, who managed to play in the NHL for Pittsburgh and the Islanders. In general, the “yellow-blacks” may well aim for gold medals, although the fight is expected to be extremely stubborn.


Wards Tom Mitelle performed well in the regular season and after the 21st match played were in the top four.

With a game in hand, Ferjestad was only three points behind the leader Växe. In addition to the domestic championship, representatives of the city of Karlstad play in the hockey Champions League. However, this should not affect the fight for gold medals in the SHL.

The “Green-White-Yellow” are the current champions of the elite Swedish hockey championship.

At the same time, Ferjestad has won Swedish gold medals 10 times in history. It will not be easy for Linus Johansson and partners to get the second trophy in a row. However, Karlstad hockey players will make every effort to do so.

At least the composition is quite suitable for this.


The team of Bjorn Hellqvist is very likely to make it to the playoffs. Although Leksand does not differ in stability. After the 21st match played, the White-Blues had 12 wins and nine losses (all losses in regular time).

It should also be noted that Patrick Zakrisson and partners periodically lost to not very formidable opponents, namely Orebro, Brynös and Regla.

Representatives of the city of the same name took the gold of the Swedish elite series three times. That’s just the last championship title is dated back to the distant 1975th year.

In general, the “white-blues” can create problems for any team, but the inhabitants of the “Teger Arena” are unlikely to get far in the relegation battles.


Luleå managed to get the gold medals of the national championship only once in history in 1996.

In 2020, the Red-Black-White-Yellows won the regular season, but the playoffs were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the current season, the wards of Thomas Berglund are not stable. By the 21st round, representatives of the city of the same name won nine victories and lost in 12 matches. At the same time, by the end of November, the “polar bears” did not have a single series of more than three consecutive defeats in regular time.

The “red-black-white-yellow” team has a good line-up, which includes experienced performers who previously played overseas.

However, the polar bears have problems with teamwork. So it’s hardly worth waiting for Luleå to fight for medals.


The inhabitants of the Scandinavian Arena last became champions in 2019, and this was the fifth time in history.

In the current regular season, Roger Ronnberg’s wards are very likely to be in the semi-finals. However, it will be difficult for the Indians to reach the final.

There are a lot of skilled and experienced performers who played in the KHL and NHL among the “red-green-gold-whites”. However, it will be very difficult for Frölunde to aim at the championship.

Our forecast

Skellefteo AIK and Ferjestad have good squads and look confident in terms of play. So one of these clubs, with a high probability, will get gold medals.

The trio of Leksand, Luleå and Frölunda may surprise, but reaching the final can already be considered a success for them this season.

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