Sabina Chege Threatens To Lead Jubilee Out of Azimio

November 11, 2022

A section of the former ruling Jubilee party has threatened to quit the Azimio coalition over Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) slots.

Led by Sabina Chege, the Jubilee leaders accused the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party of conmanship, claiming Senate Minority Whip Fatuma Dullo was delisted, and replaced by ODM’s Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omugeni.

In a press briefing on Thursday, the Jubilee members faulted ODM for taking two out of the three reserved PSC slots at its expense.

ODM had nominated MPs Mishi Mboko (National Assembly) and Okong’o Omugeni (Senate) while Wiper nominated Patrick Makau.

Jubilee members claimed that according to the Azimio agreement, the slots were to be shared out so that ODM, Jubilee, and Wiper parties got one slot each.

“Our goal was to nominate a competent senior counsel in the House, whose resources will be witnessed in this House. The commission needs strong personalities that can move mountains and one who holds confidence from the rest of the team,” they said.

They threatened to walk out of Azimio if the issue was not resolved.

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