Dress Decently When You Come To Church: Clergymen Tell Women Congregants

October 17, 2022
Father Tom Nicholas Mboya

A number of clergymen have condemned indecent dressing in church, saying it is wrong and distracts congregants.

Pastor Dennis Onjiko of Ratang’a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Ndhiwa Sub-county claims some of the women dress “indecently” to seduce pastors.

“These ladies have known that pastors are also human beings like any other person who goes to church. In fact, some of them dress indecently ostensibly to make pastors fall in their love traps,” Pastor Onjiko said.

According to the preacher, there is a group of young women who were borrowing “indecent” dressing from Western cultures.

“It is unfortunate some of the indecent women view pastors who correct them as people who have failed in their duty and are only holding grudges against them. They argue that women in many churches dress indecently hence there is no reason for admonishing them,” Onjiko added.

The man of the cloth said he would not relent in condemning wrongdoing.

“We counsel them on the right attire to put on. Those who are adamant will face the wrath of God,” Pastor Onjiko said.

Elsewhere, Catholic priest in charge of St Peter’s Oyugis Church in Homa Bay County, Father Tom Nicholas Mboya said indecent dressing distracts people during prayer in the church.

“There are some ladies who come to church dressed in a manner that is not different from those who are walking in streets of Oyugis town. The truth of the matter is that they are indecent,” he insisted.

“Failure to cover certain parts of the body interferes with people who have come to church as it distracts them,” Fr Mboya added.

The clergyman recounted a day when he saw a girl carrying a Bible that was going to be read during a prayer service dressed in a T-shirt that “raised many questions”.

The girl had a T-shirt written: “If you love me, smile with me.”

“What was written on the T-shirt was not good because adults could interpret it to mean something against the will of God. However, the message could look amusing to children,” the priest argued.

Fr Mboya called on parents that their children dress decently when they come to church. He urged the congregation to observe the Catholic Church dress code for Catholic Men Association, Catholic Women Association and the choir.

“All I want is decent dressing. This does not mean people buy expensive clothes. Just put on modest clothes that cover your body well,” he said.

Bishop Teresa Korinda of Jemi Hope Ministry also lamented indecent dressing had become prevalent in churches, she said it must be condemned.

“Many young women and some girls dress indecently but that is wrong. It is wrong for anybody to leave any of her or his private body naked in the church. Church is a holy place,” Korinda said.

She argued that indecency leads to temptations into sexual relationships by people who should be devoted to God.

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