Meet Spoken Word Artist, YouTuber Dante Kymra

September 26, 2022

Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Dante Kymra. I am a content creator, I do production and also a creative artist – both written and spoken.

When did you discover that you have a talent in spoken word? 

I discovered this in high school, but I was not voicing it, I was just a good writer. I used to write for my fellow students letters to girls in the neighbouring schools. However, in 2016, is when I went to studio and recorded my first two pieces.

Which event have you performed at as a spoken word artist?

I showcased my talent at events such as KTN Life and Styles years ago and at KNH.

How do spoken word artists like you make money from this craft?

I don’t do spoken word for money.  I have other avenues of making money. I do spoken word because it’s something strong inside me. I usually do it for fun.

Is this something you can encourage somebody to go into?

Yes, I would. If you discover you are talented you should look into it as a career, provided you are consistent. You can also make video clips and upload on social media platforms which can give you some small income. For me, I sustain myself through my business. I have a photo studio in Embakasi, I do video/photo coverage during events and I also do Forex trading.

I have a Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies, and I majored in camera operation and production which is what’s feeding me today.

On your YouTube channel, why did you change content from comedy to human interest stories?

I decided to change my content because I didn’t want to be limited to one area. I wanted to do travel vlogging so that I could reach a wider audience, but unfortunately the budget for travelling was a bit high and that’s how I started doing life stories.

We understand you are also a radio personality; how do you juggle between careers?

At the radio station, I only present three hours a day so I have the rest of the day to shoot content.

What don’t we people know about you?

Many people don’t know that I’m cool in person and don’t like talking too much as I appear online. Also, I am a tall guy, standing at 6’3”. I am also a good chef and I can cook for my lady.

For upcoming content creators, is there assurance that they can earn from platforms such as YouTube? If so, how?

Yes, YouTube pays. You only need to bring interesting content and be very consistent. You will get returns.

Your parting shot?

My advise to people out there is, do whatever you are doing with passion and never lose hope; it will be okay one day. Salary is for paying bills but business is for creating wealth.

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