Khaligraph Jones and Cashy Baby Drama Plays Out in Public

September 1, 2022

Khaligraph Jones has apparently had enough of her baby mama Cashy Karimi accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and he has moved to court to address this.

Through his management, the rapper on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, said he filed a suit against Cashy at the Milimani Magistrate’s Court in February 2022 after she made “outrageous demands.”

“After a long period of constant harassment by Cashy against our artiste, he sought her out intending to reach an amicable settlement out of court. However, this approach was not successful due to her outrageous demands,” Khali’s management said in a statement.

Khali’s team also noted that there are interim orders issued by the Court barring Cashy from publishing details regarding their child, the case or the parties involved.

But Cashy has continued calling out Khaligraph Jones on social media for being a deadbeat.

On her InstaStories on Wednesday, Cashy shared a video of a seemingly angry Khaligraph walking away from her and their son, Xolani. She indicated that Khaligraph was going to a nearby police station to report her.

“There is enough effort to hire lawyers to issue constant threats of taking me to the police, but no effort for the fees. I hope you all heard him showing me where the police station is,”  Cashy captioned the video.

In another post, Cashy shared a statement from her rep insisting that asking Khali to pay for their son’s school fees is not an outrageous demand.

But Khali’s management says Cashy was in contempt of court orders for posting the video.

“…she is now clearly in contempt (of these orders). Our artiste has restrained himself throughout the harassment and defamation of character. We seek to state categorically that our artiste will not be dragged into meaningless online wars and shall await the decision of the courts which he commits to abide by,” Khali’s management wrote.

Here’s a screengrab of the statement from Cashy’s rep.

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