“Kenyans Amaze Me!” Vera Sidika Calls Out Fans For Their Double Standards

September 29, 2022

Vera Sidika has blasted some of her followers on social media for complaining about what she posts on her pages.

The former video vixen found herself in trouble with netizens after she shared a message showing off her charitable ways. Vera had received a DM from a new mum asking for Sh200 to buy food.

The social media personality then sent the new mum some money through MPesa on Tuesday.

Vera shared a screenshot of their texts and wrote: “A little kindness goes a long way. Let’s all look out for one another.”

This however did not sit well with some people who accused Vera of being sanctimonious. They told her that charity is not about showing off.

But Vera hit back pointing out the double standards employed by her critics.

“Kenyans amaze me! When I post my Sh650,000 Chanel bag they say I’m showing off, could have used the money to help the poor. Not knowing that I help hundreds of people without publicizing it here! But they will attack coz to them they think you don’t do charity. Since they don’t see it. When you show them they change and say you didn’t have to show,” Vera lamented.

The mother of one mentioned that she helps a lot of people and vowed to continue posting both her lavish and charitable sides.

“I help many people in my DM and never post. I only posted to motivate someone else to do the same. But seems like y’all wanna see us showing off an expensive lifestyle but not our charitable side. I get it. I will floss and show everything since that’s what y’all prefer to see,” Sidika said.

Vera also shared some messages from other wellwishers who offered to help the new mum.

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