How I Became General Manager at Greenpark Sundowner Hotel in Athi River

September 5, 2022

Patrick Njoroge is the general manager at Greenpark Sundowner Hotel in Athi River. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration and a certificate in management and leadership from Kenya Methodist University.

Njoroge is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management at the same institution.

He shares his career journey;


I was brought up in a humble background in Murang’a County with two siblings. My parents were coffee farmers, and for that reason, I was involved in a lot of farming activities, especially during the holidays. I cherish my childhood moments as they greatly shaped the person I am. My involvement in farming taught me a work ethic that I cherish to date. I started my education journey at Ngutu Primary School, where I sat my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam. Later, I was admitted to Njumbi High School, where I sat my KCSE exam before joining Kenya Methodist University.

“Growing up, I was told to go to school and get an education to make something out of myself. After my secondary school education, I wanted to be an administrator, which is what I ended up studying in college. Over time, I developed an interest in hospitality and decided to blend my skills in the industry. I started my career journey as a part-time, casual in different hotels within Mombasa County. I started in the hotel service department, where my task entailed serving customers different cuisines and beverages. I gained a lot of skills and experience, which propelled my passion for hospitality.

“Through my role as a waiter, I would earn Sh300 daily. I kept pushing through as my long-term goal was to sharpen my skills and grow. My biggest breakthrough came after college when I landed a management internship and later got promoted to a supervisory role in the same hotel. My career has since then been on an upward trajectory. Through hard work, I eventually secured my dream job—the position I currently hold as general manager of Greenpark Sundowner Hotel.

“Throughout my career, I have constantly strived to learn and grow to become the best hotelier I can be. In the past, I would not assert myself or share ideas or new concepts. However, in my current position as general manager, I am in charge of the hotel, and thus, I have to utilise my creative capacity and be able to lead my team effectively. I owe my career progression to the teams I have worked with and my mentors who pushed me to bring out the best in me. I now see how these skills continue to boost my career and the company’s growth.

“The key driver in my career journey has been commitment, consistency, and collaboration with the teams I have been privileged to work with. I believe in creativity and problem-solving as the best approaches to challenges. Also, being a social connector has played a huge role in my career growth. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Mr Festus, who mentored me in my early days of working. This gentleman taught me how to work hard and smart, business values, and the power of being a social connector.

“My leadership style is a hybrid of transformational and authoritative. I always strive to work towards seeing that my team is not only motivated to be at their best but also adapt to the new policies introduced to them. I am always trying to step out of my comfort zone to boost the morale of my team while remaining committed to being the best I can be.

“What keeps me awake at night is the idea that I have to be innovative constantly and compete against not only the hotels that have been in business for a long time but also the new ones that are coming up. I am a leader, and so many people look up to me, so I must be the best I can be at all times.

“To the youth, rise and seize the opportunities available within your reach. Don’t wait for others to offer you opportunities.”

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