‘You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet’: Eric ‘Divalicious’ Omondi Tells Critics

August 30, 2022

Fans of Eric Omondi who have been complaining about the direction of his craft are in for a treat if the comedian’s comments are anything to go by.

The funnyman has come under a lot of criticism lately for his new female character, Divalicious, with some fans claiming he is a crossdresser masquerading as a comedian.

But Omondi says what Kenyans have already seen of Divalicious is just the tip of the iceberg.

“I have not done anything yet. Kenyans have not seen anything yet. By December, it’s going to get worse,” he said.

Omondi also addressed questions surrounding his sexuality as a result of his cross-dressing.

There are many types of people who cross-dress; gay people, drag queens, trans people and artistes. I do so as an artiste. Cross-dressing is a very old form of comedy. The likes of Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry have all done it. It’s a perfected art that tugs at the heart of women – my biggest constituency of fans,” he explained.


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The comedian also spoke about his online back and forth with Kiss FM presenters Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna. He insisted that the two are beneath him.

“Numbers don’t lie. Look at the numbers. Look at Beyonce or Ronaldo. Their Instagram numbers automatically translate to money. I have been to over nine countries in one and a half months. No other Kenyan has left the country during that period. The work of an artist is to do shows and hold concerts, I’m the only Kenyan artist who is doing that.”

Omondi also explained why he constantly attacks Kenyan artistes.

“I am tired of fighting for the current crop of Kenyan artistes. I’m raising a new generation of artistes who I will mentor and they will listen to me. The current ones have failed. I don’t have time for them. There’s a reason it’s called showbiz – it means, show and business. Kenyan artistes need to embrace showbiz. Anyone can sing. But we need to know who they are dating, what car they drive, where they live, etc.”

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