How to Grow High CBD Strain

August 12, 2022

In the last few years, CBD has become the most prevalent cannabinoid. Even though there aren’t a lot of clinical studies yet, early research shows that it could have fascinating effects on the human body.

Much anecdotal evidence shows that this cannabinoid has many uses, and scientists are starting to figure out what those uses are.

Because of how the news has covered these results, traditional breeders’ ideas have changed a lot (until a few years ago, they were constantly looking for new strategies to increase THC concentrations).

Today, the goals have changed a bit, and growers are trying to get their plants to make more CBD. But how could a home gardener try to get these results?

This article will show you some easy ways to make your next harvests have more CBD.

Why grow Cannabis For CBD

In the 1940s, scientists at the University of Illinois were the first to discover CBD. Since then, there has been lots of research into how CBD works and what it does to the body.

You may already know that this cannabinoid can indirectly affect the endocannabinoid system, which is an internal control system that affects mood, appetite, pain, memory, and more.

CBD may also have some of its effects on molecular targets like vanilloid and serotonergic receptors.

Several studies have looked at the effects of CBD on various forms of anxiety. A clinical study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology examined the impact of CBD on social anxiety disorder when simulating a public speech.

Subjects who were given 600mg of CBD orally showed a significant reduction in anxiety and discomfort during public exposure compared to those who received the placebo.

Researchers have looked at how CBD affects the brains of people with different types of anxiety. Scientists gave CBD to ten people with social anxiety disorder and then scanned their brains afterward.

The results showed a significant drop in anxiety, which might be because less blood was going to parts of the brain like the hippocampus.

CBD has also shown a lot of promise as a medicine for kids with certain types of severe epilepsy who have a lot of seizures.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a clinical study examining how CBD affects Dravet syndrome, a severe form of childhood epilepsy.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled study included about 120 children and young adults with this health problem. The people in the study were given a solution with 20mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight every day.

The results showed that CBD was better at reducing the number of seizures than a placebo.

3 Tips For Increasing Cbd Levels When Growing Weed

So, after going over some of CBD’s most important benefits. Here are some easy ways to add more CBD to your next crop. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any ideas we haven’t talked about yet.

1. Choose CBD-rich Strains With The Right Genes

Start with the right genes if you want to grow cannabis that is high in CBD. In other words, you’d need CBD seeds for growing CBD-rich strains.

Some of the most popular cannabis seed banks have high strains of CBD. For example, Herbies head shop has a catalog of quality CBD-rich strains; you should check them out. 

2. Pay Attention To Diseases And Parasites

Like any other plant, cannabis can get sick or be eaten by pests and diseases.

If these pests aren’t controlled, they can stop plants from growing and make the crop less useful (just like in average THC-rich variants). So, it’s essential to keep an eye on your plants as they grow and immediately take care of any pests or diseases.

Pests and diseases like large mites, red spiders, bud/root rot, yellow spots on leaves, whiteflies, and the tobacco mosaic virus are common and must be watched out for.

You can avoid most of these problems if you keep your plants at ideal temperatures (18-28 ° C) and humidity levels (40-70 percent).

Controlling the temperature and humidity in your grow room is very important to prevent these threats. Also, you should ensure your grow room is always clean and free of germs.

3. Harvest At The Right Time

How much cannabinoids are in the final product depends significantly on your time of harvest. Look at the trichomes on your plant to decide when the right time is. You can do this with a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s microscope.

If you want a lot of THC in the buds, you should usually pick them when most trichomes have changed from shiny to milky.

People have different ideas about CBD, though. There isn’t much official information about when cannabis plants are ready to be picked. Most growers agree that CBD peaks before THC, so it’s best to harvest a bit earlier.

Some people who grow CBD plants prefer them when the trichomes start to turn white. Some people have to wait even longer.

Remember that these are just general guidelines. The best time to harvest a plant depends on its genes and how it was grown.

As you learn more about increasing CBD-rich genetics, you’ll be able to make better choices about each plant you grow and when to harvest it.


There are many ways to get cannabis plants to have more CBD. Some growers believe you can increase the amount of CBD in your next crop by combining warm temperatures (both in the soil and in the growing area) with low temperatures.

However, there are no official studies that show that these methods work.

But you can test these ideas on yourself and let us know what you find so we can share them with the rest of the community.

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