CS Magoha Invites Kenyans to His Next Job

August 25, 2022

Education cabinet secretary George Magoha has revealed the next stage of his professional life after leaving the government.

Speaking on Wednesday at Muhuri Muchiri Secondary School in Njiru, Nairobi, CS Magoha continued to say his goodbyes to various Education stakeholders, this time to journalists.

The CS praised the reporters saying he would miss them. He then invited anyone needing medical attention to visit his clinic in Nairobi.

The tough-talking CS is going back to his urology practice.

“I will miss you journalists, you played a big role. If you have issues with passing urine, don’t be afraid. You can visit my clinic in Nairobi Hospital. In fact, just show your press card and you might get special treatment,” he said.

CS Magoha, who seems to be the only working Minister in the outgoing government, said he would continue working until he hands over to his successor.

“This ministry cannot rest like others. I’ll need more encouragement than being bashed. You’ll continue to see me until such a time that I’m handing over to Mr or Ms X, then I can go back to my clinic,” said Magoha.

Prof Magoha is also a surgeon and has researched and published widely on Viagra.

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