Relief For Kenyans as Unga Prices Drop to Sh100

July 19, 2022

Kenyans can finally heave a sigh of relief after the price of Unga (Maize flour) dropped by more than half the current price.

Starting Monday, July 18, the price of a 2Kg packet of Unga will retail at Sh100, down from Sh230.

This has been made possible through a government subsidy lowering the price of production of the commodity for a period of 4 weeks.

The Ministry of Agriculture will pay part of the production cost, allowing Kenyans to buy a 5Kg packet for Sh250.

The Ministry will also deploy a team to conduct market surveillance and ensure that the commodity is sold at the recommended price.

The subsidy means retail prices for Unga will now be as follows;

  • 50 kg – Sh2250
  • 10 KG- Sh 440
  • 5KG – Sh 250
  • 2 KG – Sh 100
  • 1 KG – Sh 52
  • 500 grams- Sh 30

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