Let’s Meet at the Ballot: Raila Defends Presidential Debate Snub

July 27, 2022

Raila Odinga has reiterated that he would not share a debate podium with his main presidential rival Deputy President William Ruto.

True to his word, Raila skipped the debate on Tuesday evening, with Ruto facing debate moderators alone at the Catholic University of East Africa in Karen, Nairobi.

During the debate, Ruto claimed Raila was a no-show because he can’t articulate his plan for Kenyans.

But Raila insisted he cannot debate Ruto because he has no regard for ethics, public morals, or shame.

“Mimi siwezi enda kwa debate na mtu ambaye ameiba mali ya uma kiasi hicho…sitaenda,” Odinga said in Meru on Tuesday.

According to Raila, sharing a podium with Ruto would provide a platform to sanitize his past.

The ODM leader said debating Ruto would provide him (DP) an opportunity to propagate lies and shield himself from the corruption cloud.

Odinga said he would ‘debate’ Ruto at the polls.

“Mimi sitaenda kubishana na mtu kama huyo yeye aningojee kwa debe tuonane hapo,” said Raila.

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