Simon Kabu Speaks on Marriage to Sarah Kabu and Rumored Pregnancy

June 7, 2022

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu has played down speculation that his marriage with Sarah Kabu has hit a snag.

In April of this year, Sarah Kabu caused a social media storm when she announced she had left Simon. In bitter posts shared to her WhatsApp stories, Sarah termed their marriage toxic.

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In a follow-up media interview, Sarah said the two were in talks to separate and pursue co-parenting.

“We have been discussing separation because I have been telling him I’m not so comfortable in this marriage and I’m tired of faking and we are in discussions. I wanted a peaceful separation and even co-parenting,” she said.

A week later, Sarah completely changed tune saying all was well.

“Sorry my Fam. When I was in distress, I said things that I shouldn’t have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn everyday. Forgive me Simon. Let’s sort our issues off-line. All is well,” she wrote on Instagram.

All along, Simon Kabu kept mum, leaving lots of unanswered questions about his side of the story.

He finally spoke last Saturday during Akothee’s book launch, telling YouTuber Eve Mungai: “Msiskie(Don’t listen to the rumors). The status quo remains, that don’t listen. Don’t listen we are there and moving on.”

Kabu was also coy about expecting a third child with Sarah Kabu. Simon recently sparked the pregnancy rumours after sharing a photo of a dessert plate saying, “Ready to be a dad again.”

On Saturday, Simon told Mungai Eve,

“Our bodies are healthy meaning things are still happening. And as you know, the Bible says produce to fill the world. But having a baby, the two parents must agree on it and be on the same page because there are other responsibilities that come with the baby,” he said.

“I will let Sarah respond to that question but as I said before, my body is in a perfect health condition and so is Sarah’s as well. And with that in mind, some things you know for a fact that they must happen at one time or another,” he added.

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