Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has opened up about the lessons she has learned from the infamous “Kenya Institute of Character Development”.

In a candid and self-reflective post shared on her Instagram, Ntalami admitted that ‘KaNairo’ has taught her to guard with regard to relationships, whether platonic or romantic.

The betrayals I’ve gone through and continue to go through could easily break anyone. But I’ve worked so hard in my healing journey that my guard stays up now on both friendships and romantic relationships. FYI, this city will force you  to guard up!”

Ntalami resolved to guard her love and support saying she only wants meaningful connections.

“No more dishing out love, friendships, and support to anyone recklessly. It has cost me too much. My motto is, scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. Ride for me and I will ride for you. Ultimately so long as I know my conscience is clear I’m good with losing whichever connection. Absolutely no one will make me feel guilty for my personality growth or success,” Michelle declared.

At the same time, the businesswoman called out fellow women for being their own worst enemies.

“I’m not ice cream, I’m not here to be liked by everyone. I’m here to live my highest God-given potential. If you also go through this a lot, take it as a sign that you’re on the right path. Don’t you dare tone yourself down just to make others comfortable. Keep blinding them with your light. May the watchers keep watching and talking, and the real ones keep elevating and winning with me.

“Also women let’s do better. I long for the day we will finally decide to do right by each other and stop being each other’s own worst enemy,” she rallied.

Michelle Ntalami noted: “This is not a pity post. these are simply my facts and experiences.”